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20 Boxed Nymphs

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64 Boxed And Assorted Nymph, Epoxy Buzzer and Czech Nymph

64 Boxed And Assorted Nymph, Epoxy Buzzer and Czech Nymph
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Dragonflies Hand Tied Art

64 Mixed Trout & Grayling Nymphs ,Gold head Nymphs ,Epoxy Buzzers, Gold Head Epoxy Buzzers and Weighted Czech Nymphs in a waterproof silicon insert fly box

available in 3 sizes 10,12,14 - simply select your size from the drop down menu

RRP on this mixed selection is 37.00 plus postage and packing

14 Nymph Patterns - 1 each in standard and Gold Head ( 2 flies per pattern) - 28 Flies


Pheasant Tail

Black Nymph

Rough Olive Nymph

Pond Olive Nymph

Marabou Bloodworm

Walkers Mayfly

Black Stonefly Nymph

Diawl Bach

Copper John


Montana lime green thorax short shank

Montana orange thorax short shank

Montana yellow thorax short shank

12 Epoxy Buzzer Patterns ( 1 standard and 1 gold head version of each pattern) - 24 flies

Black Buzzer

Olive buzzer

orange buzzer

Red Buzzer

claret buzzer

white buzzer

green buzzer

yellow buzzer

pink buzzer

grey buzzer

Brown buzzer

Lime green buzzer

12 Weighted Czech Nymphs - 12 flies

Claret Cream
Hares Ear
Hares Ear Green
Black Brown
olive Brown
Tan Brown
Orange Amber
Yellow green
olive Yellow
Cream Pink

A great all round fly selection for all season


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