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Dragonflies Hand Tied Art manufacture and supply an extensive range of Fly Fishing Flies for Trout, Sea Trout, Salmon, Carp, Saltwater and Pike also we stock tackle and accessories for the fly fishing game angler

Special Offers
Gift Voucher

Gift Voucher£10.00  -  £100.00

Gift Voucher

White Foam Beetle

White Foam Beetle£0.49   £0.42

36 DRY Flies set Assorted patterns

36 DRY Flies set Assorted patterns£14.40   £12.99

Popcorn Foam Beetle White/lime green with tail

Popcorn Foam Beetle White/lime green with tail£0.49   £0.42

set of 6 blobs size10 in various colours

set of 6 blobs size10 in various colours£3.55   £2.25

Here we have the widely popular blob fly size 10 in a multi pack of 6 colours. 1 of each colour: yellow, orange, olive, lime green, viva and tequila.

Hot Head Taddy Cat

Hot Head Taddy Cat£0.55   £0.33

Dark Hendrickson Dry Fly

Dark Hendrickson Dry Fly£0.39

18 Gold Head GRHE Nymphs

18 Gold Head GRHE Nymphs£7.20   £6.25

36 Gold Head Epoxy Buzzers

36 Gold Head Epoxy Buzzers£16.99   £13.99

Taddy Cat Bead Head

Taddy Cat Bead Head£0.55   £0.33

Blue winged Olive  Dry Fly

Blue winged Olive Dry Fly£0.39

Kate McLaren Wet Fly

Kate McLaren Wet Fly£0.33

36 Classic Popular Dry Fly Set

36 Classic Popular Dry Fly Set£14.40   £11.99

Bead Head Orange Taddy

Bead Head Orange Taddy£0.55   £0.33

Greenwells Spider Wet Fly

Greenwells Spider Wet Fly£0.39

Grenadier Spider Wet Fly

Grenadier Spider Wet Fly£0.33

Indicator Klinkhammer Black

Indicator Klinkhammer Black£0.55   £0.49

Indicator Klinkhammer Olive

Indicator Klinkhammer Olive£0.55   £0.49

Indicator Klinkhammer Pheasants Tail

Indicator Klinkhammer Pheasants Tail£0.55   £0.49

Partridge & Orange Wet Fly

Partridge & Orange Wet Fly£0.33

Indicator Klinkhammer Hares Ear

Indicator Klinkhammer Hares Ear£0.55   £0.49

Teiffi Terror Wet Fly

Teiffi Terror Wet Fly£0.33

Gold Ribbed Hares Ear Dry Fly

Gold Ribbed Hares Ear Dry Fly£0.39

Munroe Killer

Munroe Killer£0.95

50 Assorted Nymphs & Czechs

50 Assorted Nymphs & Czechs£13.99

Adams Parachute Dry Fly

Adams Parachute Dry Fly£0.45

Black foam Beetle Dry Fly

Black foam Beetle Dry Fly£0.45

Set of all 8 Zonkers

Set of all 8 Zonkers£3.80   £3.25

set of 8 zonkers