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Fly Selection in May

Fly Selection in May

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Fly fishing in May - a few fly choice recommendations

May can be a difficult month on both the river and stillwater
when the Ephemera danica or Mayfly hatches drift across the river 
here are a few of my flies for the month -
Walkers Mayfly nymph and pheasant tail nymph along with diawl bach

Wet Flies - yes don't forget wet flies try a black gnat, coach y bonddu ( beetle), black and peacock spider and of course small spider patterns

Dry Flies on the river Hawthorns still exist, try Grey Wulff,Lunns particular, Iron Blue, klinkhammers, yellow may dun, black gnat standard and parachute, CDC F Flies and on lakes try the yellow bodied Cow dung - a safe bet is also black foam beetles and ants - mayflies in late may like the silver and olive drakes, french partridge

for the reservoir try a midas dry and hoppers, the midas is a form of hopper really

and not forgetting of course the epoxy buzzer - my fave at this time of year, most dark colours and red work with black the obvious choice

also try CDC Emergers fished very slow

these are my own choices - you may well have your own preferences, and flies that work for you in May

tight lines

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how to tie a dark olive

how to tie a dark olive Dun Dry Fly

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The Large Dark Olive

here is how I tie ours for the shop
hook size 12 - 18
tail - a few whiskers off a medium olive cape
body - dark olive thread wound close and tight
wings - Starling wing primary feather or substitute
Hackle - black Cock hackle
thats it - very straightforward fly to tie - an absolute must for this time of year in March April

hope this has been helpful

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