Claret Gold Head Epoxy Buzzer

Claret Gold Head Epoxy Buzzer
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Buzzers are a representation of midge pupa and are so called because of the buzzing noise they make in swarms.Buzzer Trout & Grayling Flies start in life as a bloodworm and live in the silt in still waters, they are generally red in colour at this stage although close to hatching the colour of the buzzer fly fades, The buzzers migrate to the surface of the water in a wriggling action once they are there they will wait before hatching and so quite often drop back down a few times, this is a great period for the trout to feed on buzzer flies.Static buzzer fishing works well with slight twitching then slowly retrieving then letting it stay motionless again will imitate a natural hatch. When buzzers hatch they will come out as adult buzzers or midge flies.

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