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Jock Scott
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THE JOCK SCOTT SALMON FLY PATTERN This classic salmon fly was created during the height of the Victorian fascination of constructing salmon flies with the most exotic and colorful feathers they could get their hands on. It is one of the most famous of classic salmon flies and arrived on the fly fishing scene around 1850. John Scott the creator, was better known as Jock. He was born in 1817 in Branxholme, Roxburgshire in Scotland. He started his working life at the tender age of 13 when he was employed as an assistant to Robert Kerss, the head game keeper of the Marquis of Lothian. It was Robert who first taught him to tie a fly. By chance two years latter Lord John Scott a renowned field sportsman, took a fancy to the young Jock Scott after finding out they had the same name. Jock stayed in his Lordships service for twenty-seven years until his master's death. He then became keeper for his masters friend the Earl of Haddington. His employers were the keenest of country sportsmen. Day and Night they would be out hunting and fishing. He created the fly in an effort to make a new and vibrant fly. He was so pleased with the results he had whilst fishing that he gave one to a fishing tackle maker called George Kelson. Whilst having a very bad days fishing where nothing was working Mr Kelson, clutching at straws, put on the fly Jock Scott had given him. It worked. It was a salmon killer. He named it after its curator and promoted in his business and fishing books

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