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Light Hendrickson Dry Fly
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The dark and light Hendrickson flies are good general mayfly dun imitation patterns. Choose the hook size and color to match your local hatch. 

The Hendrickson was first developed in 1916 by Roy Steenrod of Liberty, New York and named after A. E. Hendrickson 

One of the classic mayfly species is commonly called the Hendrickson. But it’s Latin name is Ephemerella subvaria, and then there is the Light Hendrickson and it’s Latin name Ephemerella invaria.

One other thing about the Light and Dark Hendrickson fly patterns. Is that they make great general all-purpose mayfly attractor patterns.  Try a Dark Hendrickson first before you try the light version .  This is a pattern that every fly box should not be without.


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